Our 2024 Program - The MVKG Year of Color

Have you ever wondered why some yarn colors look really nice together, while others just... don’t? Or why some folks seem to have a knack for creating fades and gradients and color pairs? Ever wanted to explore color theory, color dominance, and different techniques for combining colors in your fiber craft? Intimidated by brioche? This year, MVKG is here to help you answer these questions!

The year begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of color theory. In February, we will apply this knowledge to our knitting, adding color dominance and contrast to our repertoire. Perhaps you have a colorwork project you’ve been dreaming of beginning? The February meeting will be a great time to bring in your color candidates.

Beginning in March, each month we will be applying our new color-confidence to different colorwork techniques, including knitting stripes and fades, slipped-stitch and mosaic knitting, intarsia, duplicate stitching and embroidery, two-color brioche, and stranded knitting. Different instructors will provide each month’s lesson, with different (free) patterns which you may have the option of assembling at the end of the year! Supplies and pre-meeting prep will be discussed the month before. Our year of color will culminate in December with an art exhibition! 

Check back later for more information on supplies and how to prepare for each meeting!

Get the printable version (with fun pattern links) here!! ----->

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Meeting Information (if the meeting falls on a voting day, the location will be changed)

Jan 2

Program: Color Theory (basics) and how it applies to knitting with Janice

Materials to bring:  None, unless you want to bring a color wheel!

How to prepare: NA

Feb 6

Program: Choosing colors for knitting 

Materials to bring:  Feel free to bring in color candidates for colorwork projects that have been lingering!

How to prepare:

Mar 5

Program:  Stripes and fades 

How to prepare: 

Decision time!


For example, in March we have two subjects and the patterns that will be provided are a hat and a block (both are free patterns)

If you decide to go the block route, you could create a pillow top,  you could add to the blocks and make a small blanket, the blocks could also be dish cloths.  What you choose will also drive your fiber choices.

Apr 2

Program:  Slipped-stitch/mosaic knitting

Materials to bring:  there is nothing you need to bring

Important - we will not meet at the church but will be totally virtual due to the weather

May 7

Program: Intarsia

Materials to bring:  

How to prepare:

Jun 4

Program:  Duplicate stitching and embroidery

Materials to bring:  

How to prepare:

Jul 2

Program: Two color brioche week 1

Materials to bring:  

How to prepare:

Aug 6

Program:  Two color brioche week 2

Materials to bring:  

How to prepare:

Sep 3

Program:  Membership Meeting:  officer election and a member stash sale

Materials to bring:  If you have signed up for a table to sell, bring the stash you are selling

Oct 1

Program:  Stranded colorwork knitting week 1

Materials to bring:  

How to prepare:

Nov 5


Program:  Stranded colorwork knitting week 2

Materials to bring:  

How to prepare: 

Dec 3

Program:  Holiday Meeting

Materials to bring:  

How to prepare: Get your fancy pants ready for the art exhibition!